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An E46 BMW M3 With A DCT-Equipped M5 V10 Is Predictably Brilliant

As if borrowing a V10 from the E60 M5 wasn’t enough, this E46 also has an E92 M3 dual-clutch gearbox and an F82 M4 carbon fiber support shaft.

Ladies and gentlemen – say hello to what might be the best BMW M Parts combination we’ve ever seen. It’s the E46 M3 body, under the swollen hood you’ll find the E60 M5’s V10.

But wait there is more! This naturally aspirated 5.0-liter beast sends its power bonuses via the E92 M3’s dual-clutch gearbox and carbon fiber strut shaft borrowed from the F82 M4. In their second appearance on YouTube channel AutoTopNL (the first is included at the bottom of the page), we can hear this collection of modern M songs making amazing noises, running at 100-300 kilometers per hour (62-186 mph) toppings.

The E46 M3 is believed to be the world’s first with an M5 V10 equipped with a DCT

The owner posted a YouTube overview earlier this year, detailing a whole host of additional tweaks. This includes omitting the rear seat, carbon fiber-backed Cobra seats, two extra pairs of E9x M3 elements—the flywheel (much lighter than the stock M5 part) and a performance exhaust system.

It’s a good job, as there’s now plenty of space behind the front seats for luggage, with trunk space taking a big hit. It has a fuel booster pump, an oil tank and a power steering pump.

The response thanks to the new flywheel and carbon strut is said to be already very good, and it cuts gears much faster than it would have with the original SMG heavy-duty manual gearbox retained. Impressively, it’s not heavy even despite the big bump in engine size, tipping the scales at 1,430kg not for the fuel or the driver.

If so, we might as well lose the rear spoiler to make it more stealthy, although you wouldn’t shy away from revealing what this car really is, one of the best E46s in existence.

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