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McFly’s Harry Judd reveals son’s unique name and shares unseen snaps

Harry Judd shared adorable photos of his new son meeting siblings Lola, five, and Kate, three, with his mum Izzy when he revealed his third child’s name is Loki.

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The children of Harry Judd and wife Izzy discover the gender of the child in July

McFly star Harry Judd revealed the unique name of his baby boy after his birth on Monday.

The singer has shared adorable photos of his new son, who has revealed he’s named Luke Magnus Christopher, as he met siblings Lola, five, and Kate, three, with wife Izzy, 37.

In the shot, the children lovingly look at the new addition to the family as he lays in a Moses basket, while mom Izzy looks on lovingly.

Harry wrote in the caption: “Meeting Loki for the first time.

“Lockie Magnus Christopher Judd 10/11/21. Thanks for all your post x.”

Loki’s birth was announced by the couple on Monday, when Harry shared a photo of him kissing Izzy’s smiling cheek, while the bundle of joy rests on her chest.

The singer shared adorable photos of his new son meeting siblings Lola, five, and Kate, three, with his wife Izzy, 37.


Harry Judd / Instagram)

Harry, Izzy, Lola and Kate after the McFly star announced the gender of their baby



Drummer Harry, 35, shared with his followers: “Smart mummy and baby are doing well and both xxx are beautiful.”

Izzy, a mother of three, shared the same shot and added, “And that makes my world look complete.”

The couple previously revealed that they underwent IVF treatment before the birth of their first child, Lola, as the first procedure resulted in a miscarriage.

They had planned to try to get pregnant for six months and would use the last frozen embryo if that didn’t work..

Izzy hugs Loki after his birth on Monday


Harry Judd / Instagram)

Harry shared a picture of him placing a kiss on Izzy’s smiling cheek, while the bundle of joy was placed on her chest



But their second attempt resulted in Izzy getting pregnant from Lola.

The couple later got pregnant naturally with Kate and did the same with Loki.

Izzy discussed the IVF treatment that led to Lola’s birth on Instagram.

She said, “I’ve always wondered who this little baby might be, and often thought we might not have met Lula had our other fetus been chosen that day.

“So making the decision earlier this year to try naturally was a tough decision emotionally.

Harry smiling with his third child



“At that time, as a result of the epidemic, many people were experiencing great disappointment and heartache with the cancellation or postponement of IVF rounds.”

When the couple found out that Izzy was pregnant during the pandemic, it caused them to suffer anxiety, as they both contracted Covid around the same time.

Izzy previously said hello! Magazine: “When we found out, I panicked.

“We’ve all been living in fear of this virus and have been very cautious for over a year, so it’s a shock when the numbers are low and I’m pregnant.”

“The most important thing is to keep Izzy calm because I know she’s going to be worried,” the McFly singer added.

Harry also told how he cried after the birth of his other children.

He said, “When Lola was born, I was a really messed up and cried with Kate. It’s definitely the most emotional moment of my life.”

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