Pope John Paul I on the road to sainthood

Pope Francis authorizes a decree advancing the case for the beatification of Pope John Paul I. The heroic virtues of other holy men and women were also recognized such as the martyrdom of two Argentine priests.

Written by a writer for “Vatican News”

The Church recognized the miracle attributed to the venerable servant of God, Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), who was born on October 17, 1912 in the northern Italian town of Canal d’Agordo and died on September 28, 1978 in the Apostolic. Palace in the Vatican. He presided over the Church from his election as Pope on August 26, 1978 until his death 33 days later.

In a meeting with the President of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Cardinal Marcello Simraro, Pope Francis authorized the oath to issue the decree supporting its cause, along with the causes of seven other cults including the confirmation of another miracle and the honoring of martyrdom for the Argentine priests Fr. Pietro Ortiz de Zarate and Sr. The murder of Giovanni Antonio Solinas hatred of faith (On Hatred of Creed) on October 27, 1683 in Argentina’s Valle del Zenta.

Other decrees

A decree approved a miracle attributed to the intercession of the venerable Abdullah, Colombian theologian Maria Bernice Duque Henker, founder of the Congregation of the Young Sisters of the Annunciation. She was born on August 14, 1898 and died on July 25, 1993 in Medellin, Colombia.

Other edicts recognize the heroic virtues of the Spanish servant of God, Hernández Gonzalez, a parish priest who died in 1976; to the Servant of the Lord Maddalena de Gesu, founder of the Order of the Young Sisters of Jesus who died in 1989; To the Servant of God Elisabetta Martinez, founder of the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Mary of Lucca, who died in 1991.


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