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Warning to anyone with a Ring doorbell after £100,000 court case

A judge has ruled that a man’s use of a camera doorbell violated data protection laws and harassed his neighbor – and he may now have to pay £100,000 for it.

Camera doorbells let you know who’s at your door when the button is pushed – as well as motion detection.

Dr. Mary Fairhurst said she had to leave her home because of the bell that her neighbor John Woodard had put on.

Woodard had four devices installed around his house, but his neighbor said that meant they were under constant surveillance.

At the end of a court hearing, Judge Melissa Clark said Mr Woodard had violated the Data Protection Act 2018 and the UK General Data Protection Act, and said that the photos and videos of Dr Fairhurst were her personal data.

The court heard that the cameras had a wide field of view and took pictures and sound outside Mr Woodard’s property.

A Ring spokesperson told the Daily Mail: “We strongly encourage our customers to respect the privacy of their neighbors and to comply with any applicable laws when using their Ring device.

“We’ve put features across all of our devices to ensure privacy, security, and user control front and center — including customizable privacy zones to block out ‘restricted’ areas, motion zones to control the areas customers want a motion detection device and a voice switch to turn audio on and off.”

There will be a court hearing next month where Dr Fairhurst can be awarded damages – expected to be up to £100,000.

Robin Knox, home security expert and co-founder of, said: “Although camera-based home security systems can be an effective deterrent to burglary, they do come with risks, and privacy is one of them. As we’ve seen In this case, doorbell cameras were judged to be too invasive, so it is important for people to re-evaluate their current home security methods to ensure that they do not affect the lives of others.

Ring’s smart doorbell cameras are initially powered by a motion sensor, plus a person detection overlay, meaning anyone who passes by can trigger it. It is important when considering outdoor home security cameras, that buyers look for systems that include privacy masking to avoid recording outside the home’s boundaries. Otherwise, banners will be required in addition to complying with GDPR data management regulations. Motion detection zones can also be set up to reduce false alerts.

“Not only should a home security system signal legitimate threats of intrusion, but it should also proceed to provide follow-up protection, such as an automatic police response. Self-monitored cameras may seem useful and exciting at first, but it can always be difficult to be in Service while working, on vacation or sleeping.Professional monitored system from a well-known brand makes your intruder more likely to be deterred initially, causing less damage and ultimately increasing the likelihood of detection, thanks to a fast and reliable 24/7 response Days of the week Find systems with motion sensors tested in accordance with BS EN 50131, and only buy from companies that can offer a Class II installation, Police URN, and are certified by one of two industry bodies (SSAIB or NSI). It can reach the ‘highest priority’ ‘Level 1′ response from the UK police forces’

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